Kinga Ráthonyi, DLA
visual artist
Born 10th April 1968 in Budapest (HU).
University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Design and Media Art Institute, Institute director, Design Department, senior lecturer
Illyés Gyula Secondary School, Budaörs, leader of ceramics teaching for post-secondary-school art education
KözTér18 Communal Creation Space, coordinator
2023 Habilitation, University of Pécs, Doctorate School
2010 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, DLA – Doctoral Diploma of Arts
1995 Master’s Degree in Ceramics/Porcelain, Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design, Budapest
1994 Postgraduate Diploma in Ceramics, Heriott-Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art
1992 Diploma in Industrial Design/ Ceramics, Hungarian Academy of Craft & Design, Budapest
Solo exhibitions:
2023 Mary's Mantle, Asuurkeraamika, Tallin, Estonia
2021 Poem Analysis Indian Map of a Parallel Reality, Nádor Gallery, Pécs
What if (Imagine), Budaörs, The Garage Gallery, Budaörs, Hungary
2020 EXHALE, Fuga, Budapest
2019 MIRACLE, FUGA, Budapest
2018 Paralell Realities in an Other Container, Chapel Gallery, International Ceramic Studio,
Parallel Realities, The Garage Project Space, Budaörs
2017 Fata viam invenient, FUGA, Budapest
2015 desirée, FISE Gallery, Budapest
L’Amour 15 years later, Budaörs, The Garage (with Neil Wolstenholme)
2014 Blue Gardens with Animals, FUGA, Budapest
2012 Installation at The FUGA, Budapest
2011 The Sound of Clay – LIVE, International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét (with Mariann Bán)
15th birthday of József Katona Library, Kecskemét, performance with Péter Mátrai, the library's architect
2001 L’Amour, Robert Tatin Museum, Cosse-le-Vivien, France (with N.W.),
exhibited again at Parson’s College of Design, Paris
2000 ABC, The British School of Brussels (with N. W.)
1999 The Garden of Eden, The British School of Brussels, Tervuren, Brussels (with N. W.)
1995 A Bucket of Old Fish in a New Container! Demarco’s European Art Foundation Gallery,
Edinburgh (with N. W.)
A Bucket of Old Fish!”, Norrie Toch Studios Gallery, Gullane, Scotland (with N. W.)
1994 Sweet Dreams and Nightmares ,The British Council, Edinburgh
Public works and commissions:
from 1996 onwards the following works were made together with Neil Wolsteholme
2013 Ceramic mural, Town Hall, Budaörs
2012 Mapei Kft. main entrance, relief and mosaic, Budaörs
2004 Glass mosaic window, Scottish Presbyterian Church, Budapest, Hungary
Memorial plaque to György Jánossy, architect, Budapest
Sculpture garden, The Novus Secondary School, Budapest (doctorate masterpiece)
2001 Four large-scale outdoor ceramic sculptures at The Grove Primary School, Consett, U.K.
1999 Glass mosaic wall, K&H Bank, Marcali, Hungary (architect: Veronika B. Szabó)
1997 Drinking fountain, Novus Secondary School, Budapest
1996 Mosaic on a water fountain, “Polus Centre”, Budapest (architect: Zsófia Csomay)
1994 Art Hotel, Budapest, architectural ceramics at the entrance hall (architect: Zsófia Csomay)
Community art projects:
(with Neil Wolstenholme)
2024 "Four Things", porcelain wall mural with glass mosaic, Illyés Secondary School, Budaörs
2021 "Illyés 55", porcelain mural on the facade, Illyés Secondary School, Budaörs
2020 concrete mural at the entrance stairway, Sylvester János Protestant Secondary School, Budapest
2019 mosaic-relief at the entrance, Sylvester János Protestant Secondary School, Budapest
2017 Space-creation - the poem of Anna T. Szabó on the facade, KözTér18, Budaörs
Yours is the Kingdom, concrete relief at Montessori School, Kolozsvár
2016 Relief and mosaic at Pensionists' Club, Budaörs
2015 the-columns-of-the-illyés - entrance, Illyés Secondary School, Budaörs
2014 Bretzfeld-Budaörs, 25th anniversary of the twintowns, mural
2013 Community art with building materials, organised by Mapei Kft., Szombathely
Facade of FISE Small gallery, Mátranovák
2012 the-illyés-roundabout, mosaic/relief, Szabadság út, Budaörs
2011 The Magic Snake, Bilingual Kindergarten, Pomáz, Hungary
the-gate-of the-illyés”, ceramic street front of the Illyés Secondary School, Budaörs
The Magic Snake, Bilingual Kindergarten, Pomáz, Hungary
2009 Ceramic relief and mural, Zápor Primary School, Budapest
2002 Mosaics on the school's corridor. British School of Budapest
2011 Mural for the Junior School entrance, The British School of Brussels, Tervuren, Belgium
2000 Mural for the Kindercrib, B.S.B., Belgium
1999 Mosaic for the Maths Department, B.S.B., Belgium
Mural, The Grove Primary School, Consett, UK.
1997 Ceramic reliefs, mosaics, wall murals, Novus Secondary School, Budapest, Hungary.
Murals, Róbert Károly Primary School. Budapest
1996 Ceramic workshops with blind and visually impaired children culminating in 2 ceramic reliefs/mosaics for the school’s new building. Light of the World Foundation, Pécs, Hungary(architect: Péter Vizér)
Scholarships, grants:
2018 National Cultural Foundation's Grant
2014 National Cultural Foundation's Grant
1995 The British Council Travel Grant
Soros Foundation's Scholarship
1994 The British Council Fellowship Award
1991 Tempus Scholarship (4 months at E N S A D, Paris)
1990 Hungarian Republic's Scholarship
Group exhibitions:
2024 NAtional Ceramics Triannale,Pécs,Hungary
2023 Jingedzhen, Taoxichuan Art Fair, China
2022 "Spark",Fuga, Budapest
"New Spark", Nádor Gallery, Pécs
Common Space, 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2021 Ráth György Museum, Budapest, Our Secession-Our Christmas
2019 Jingedzhen, Taoxichuan Art Fair, China
Together 5.0, The Garage Gallery, Budaörs
FUGA 10, Charity Auction and Exhibition, Fuga, Budapest
2018 Dinamic Aspirations, Museum of Art, Cluj, Romania
Memory and Desolation,Gábor Hunya collector's exhibition, Kohán Gallery, Gyula, Hungary
Age/Kor, Nádor Gallery, Pécs, Hungary
Together 4.0, The Garage Project Space, Budaörs
Public-space-picture'18, Zichy Major, Budaörs
Seres '18, ceramic jewellery competition, Turkey
Wunderkammer, Lutheran National Museum, Budapest
2017 Al Passo Con Tempi, Hungarian Academy of Rome, Italy
Together 3.0, The Garage Project Space, Budaörs
FISE 35, B32 Gallery, Budapest
Memory Box”, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia
KERAMEIKON and Friends Present Your Best, K10 Galery, Varasdin
5th International Silicate Triannale, Kecskemét
2nd National Ceramic Quadriannale, Pécs
2016 ArtPort 20 – „Artem non odit nisi ignarus”, M21Gallery, Pécs
Public-space-picture, Post Art, Budaörs
Public-space-picture 2.0, Town Hall, Budaörs
2014 FISE exhibition, Tatabánya, Hungary
2013 Hungarian Ceramics 2012, Pécs, Hungary
PELSO Biennial, Keszthely, Hungary
2012 Autumn Ceramic Show, Olof Palme House, Budapest
The Sound of Clay, Museion 2 Gallery, Kecskemét, Hungary
Christmas at the Castle, Castle Museum, Nagytétény, Hungary
2011 5th Miniature porcelain exhibition, Riga, Latvia
PELSO Biennial, Keszthely, Hungary
Autumn Ceramic Show, Olof Palme House, Budapest
National Cultural Foundation's Grants, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Christmas at the Castle, Castle Museum, Nagytétény, Hungary
2010 Sculptures to wear, Museion Gallery, Budapest
4th Miniature porcelain exhibition, Riga, Latvia
2008 Il Miserere, Udine, Italy
2006 CHILD-GAME competition winners' exhibition (bilingual picturebook with András Visky and Neil Wolstenholme) Csók István Gallery, Budapest
2002 International Ceramic Biennale, Pécs
Droles d’Animaux, Les Mouilins de Paillard, France
1995 Studio corner, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1994 New Designers, London
100th Anniversary of the Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
1991 Showing up, Tölgyfa Gallery, Budapest
Workshop and performance with János Szirtes and his students, Munich, Germany
Festivals, symposiums:
2023 Together 9.0, 3D porcelain printing Symposium, Budaörs
2022 Together 8.0 - Melancholy, International visual art and art therapy symposium, Budaörs
2021 Together 7.0, international porcelain symposium, Budaörs
2019 Together 5.0, international porcelain symposium,Budaörs
2018 Together 4.0, international porcelain symposium,Budaörs
2017 Together 3.0, porcelain symposium, Budaörs
2016 Together 2.0, ceramics symposium, Budaörs
2015 Together, ceramics symposium, Budaörs
2013 I. International Zsolnay Ceramics Symposium
2010 3. Alpen-Adria Kunstsymposium, St. Kanzian, Austria
2011 The Sound of Clay, symposium, ICS, Kecskemét
Sculptures to wear, porcelain jewelry symposium, International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét
2008 Alpen-Donau Symposium, St. Georgen, Austria
2000 Art/Terra, one week sculpting competition, Cominée-Warneton, Belgium
1996 Utopia, 1 day happening, Student Island Festival, Budapest
Esther Vécsey: Art, that touches the whole community, The Budapest Sun, 12/08/1997
Keszthelyi Katalin - Laczkó Ibolya (editors): A magyar kerámiaművészet 1945-1998, MKISZ, 1999
John Miller: Exploding Sculpture, The Bulletin, 2/12/1999, Belgium
Domer vie á la terre..., Nord Eclair, 08/09/2000, Belgium:
Trente artisites en plain travail..., Nord Eclair, 15/09/2000, Belgium
David Trout: Fired-up over new artwork, Sunderland Echo, 12/04/2001, Great Britain
„L’Amour” au musée Robert Tatin, Maine Découvertes, 29/2001, France
Le Musée Tatin inaugure le saison hongroise, Horizons Mayenne, 40/2001, France
Au musée Tatin: Des sculptures hongroises, Quest France, 02/05/2001, France
Vernissage précurseur á Robert Tatin, Haut Anjou, 04/05/2001, France
Christine Daufin: Moulins de Paillard á Ponce - Expos bestiaire, L’Agriculture Sarthoise, 17/05/2002, France
Olivier Renault: Bestiaire extraordinaire aux Moulins, Quest France, 07/06/2002, France
Integráció/Geometria-rajz-technika’, Irá, August 2004, MIE
Integráció/Angol nyelv-rajz, Irá, December 2004, MIE
Esther Vécsey: Dragons and flowers, The Budapest Sun, December 2004
Vécsey Eszter: A Kert, Confessio, 2005/1
Mezei Gábor: Meghökkentő meglepetések, Magyar Iparművészet, 2/2006
Museum of Applied Art, Budapest: Megvalósult művek 2011
Dékey Kriszta: Ráthonyi Kinga - Installáció a Fugában, Magyar Narancs, 18/2012
Gárdonyi László: Feszültség és ellenállás, Mozgó Világ, April, 2013
Balla Gabriella: Ráthonyi Kinga csodálatos világai, Magyar Iparművészet, 4/2016
Kemény István: „A távolságot, mint üveggolyót”, Forrás, September 2017
Tóth Krisztina: Bolyongás és megérkezés, Forrás, February 2019
Little Dotty Girl-Kinga Ráthonyi's Statuettes with Texts by István Kemény, Anna Szabó T., Krisztina Tóth, 2019, ISBN-978-615-00-5025-6
Aknai Péter: Indiánok, porcelánversek, Dulcineák ( 12 September, 2021
Kemény István: Verselemzés, Jelenkor online, 2021. szeptember
A művészet és a kommunikáció egybeolvadása, interview ( Csaba Nemes and Kinga Ráthonyi), Új Művészet, 13 January 2022

Fuga, Mikrokozmosz 059: Kinga Ráthonyi,community art project
Fuga, Mikrokozmosz 103, EXHALE, guided tour by Kinga Ráthonyi

2011 Art – Space – Education , 33rd World Congress of International Association for Education through Art – „Shaping the Environment as a Tool of Education – Community Art Projects within Schools” - InSEA, Budapest
2012 International Journal of Education Through Art, volume 8 /2, “The Gate of Illyés”, visual essay, ISSSN 1743-5234
2015 International Journal of Education Through Art, volume 11/ 1 “F.I.S.E. Small Gallery, Community art project in Hungary”, visual essay, ISSSN 1743-5234
Works in public collections:
International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary
Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia
Riga Porcelain Museum, Latvia
Seres, Turkey
Kohila Symposium centre, Estonia
Jingedzhen, Taoxichuan, China/h5>