A collection of lamps crafted with 3D printed porcelain lampshades.
High quality porcelain - 1300 Co firing temperature in gas reduction kiln, producing stand alone lamps or chandeliers.


Porcelain - formerly known as white gold - has been coveted since its initial production two millennia ago. It is revered for its pure white colour, its translucency when thin, and its strength.


1mm thin porcelain is only made possible through the 3D printing process. Each print carries slight differences through the layering process, creating variations of thickness. This produces a lithophane effect due to the translucency of the porcelain.


The base 3D shape can be modified in several ways to create limitless variations to suit every client.

  • proportion and size

  • pressing or cutting holes into the form when wet 

  • painting with cobalt, text / mottos or patterns can be painted on

  • painting with porcelain, thicker layers contrasting with the thin wall creating lithophane effect

  • glazed or unglazed over certain areas, or the whole form

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    The prototypes of the lampshades used in this project are the results of the Proof of Concept
    Funding research grant at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Institute of
    Design and Media Art, Hungary in 2023.
    Concept: Dr habil Kinga Ráthonyi, visual artist, institute director
    IT: Balázs Nyári, ceramic designer
    Design assistant: Dominika Pálinkás, DLA student, ceramic designer